General Info

The Institute of Science and Technology at T.R. Istanbul Rumeli University was established according to article 14 and 44 of the Higher Education Law and numbered 2547 of the Higher Education Law by the authority of T.R. Istanbul Rumeli University Rectorate on 4.11.1981 in the fall of 2017 - 2018.

The Institute of Science and Technology aims to educate graduates who contribute to our country’s production with effective, efficient and innovative work. At the same time, our institute has an administration that values objectivity and aims to raise responsible and ethical graduates who can build strong internal and external relationships.

Furthermore, our institute intends to provide services in light of technology and innovations keeping up with global norms in research and development and sustainability.

We continue our work based on establishing an inquisitive nature, honesty, justice and commitment to ethical values. We pursue an education that depends on questioning and application rather than memorization. Moreover, openness to cooperation, participation, a sense of belonging, transparency, productivity, innovation and creativity are merits that we value.