Director's Message

Dear Graduate Candidates,

Istanbul Rumeli University Institute of Science and Technology started education at the Silivri and Florya Campuses in the fall semester of 2017-2018. There are 3 graduate programs under the Department of Occupational Health and Safety.

The word, ‘institute’ was derived from the latin word, Institutum.  In the Republic of Turkey Higher Education Law with no 2547, University Institutes have been defined as Higher Education Units that provide graduate/postgraduate education and research and development in related disciplines.


Main strategies have been determined to support Research and Development (R&D) and Institutional Structure which are basic concerns of the Institute of Science and Technology at Istanbul Rumeli University to carry out education in science and engineering.


The level of knowledge and technology that humanity has reached today depends largely on research and the resources spent for investigation at the universities. Science has become a professional discipline that has been progressed with the accumulation of the knowledge that has been brought together by scientists from many different fields with interdisciplinary efforts for years.


Isac Newton's law of gravity, Albert Einstein's relativity theory, and Alan Turing's efforts to develop modern computers, and the works of other scientists were turned into disciplines that brought great benefits to humanity after centuries just like a snowball turned into avalanche. With such advanced goals and valuable academic studies, we would be pleased to see you among us  in both national and international scientific studies.


Vice Principal of Institute of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ahmet CAN